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About Us

"Caring for children and their families since 1894"

Our Mission

To serve families and children by providing comprehensive childcare and support services .

Goals and Objectives

The over all goal of BDN is to encourage all children to be actively involved in their learning process .  All children will have the opportunity each day to participate in a variety of activities which are of interest to them.

Our general goals are to:

  • Help children learn to think and reason so as to enable them to make appropriate choices

  • Help all children to become independent and confident

  • Help all children to become social beings who can form healthy and productive relationships with others


Program Philosophy

Brockton Day Nursery's philosophy is to offer an interactive, developmentally appropriate program that enhances children's natural curiosity about the world around them, and nurtures the important cognitive and social-emotional development that will benefit them throughout their lives. We value diversity, community and accountability. We will always strive to maintain an inclusive, affordable, accessible quality childcare and enrichment program that accommodates the needs of our families in an ever-changing world.

We Promise to:

  • Achieve and maintain the highest level of state and national accreditation

  • Provide curriculum that inspires life-long learning and prepares children for success in school,

  • Serve families of all economic levels,

  • Ensure dedicated and highly trained professional staff;

  • Provide community and public policy leadership in early childhood education;

  • Provide corporate and community support; and

  • Foster relationships with families in their child’s education

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